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US Customs

M Border Solutions is a National Permit holder with US Customs, we can clear your shipments through any port in the USA

(Air, Ocean, Road and Railroad)

* US Customs Entry Documentation

* In Bond Documentation

* FTZ, Bonded Warehouse Entry

* Hazardous Materials Entry

* Reconciliation Entry Filing


Our system is setup to handle all electronic filings of forms and requirements for all Government Agencies


Freight Forwarding

and Logistics Coordination

* Coordination with foreign customs brokers

* Coordination with Freight Forwarders/ Logistics Providers

* Coordination with Trucking companies

* Filing of entry information to FDA

* Product Codes and Registration

* Labeling and Nutritional facts consultation

* Prior Notice and BTA applications


* Product classification and consultation

* NAFTA eligibility product evaluation,

  assessment and consultation

* C-TPAT Program consultation

* Assessment of your overall supply chain and provider network    to maximize efficiency